Why Bespoke?

1st October 2018
The idea of designing your own dream home is an exciting concept. Creating a bespoke design is often an idea that only few people were previously able to achieve, yet nowadays due to movements in the industry and luxury home design becoming openly available to homeowners across the UK, it would seem this is a perfect time to begin creating a home that is tailor made to your exact needs and desires. This can be accomplished by managing a complete renovation of your existing home or by building from scratch. Overseeing a project which is based on your own individual design and vision which is surrounded by a skilled team of tradesmen’s can be an exhilarating experience and a very good reason to choose bespoke designs.

However, researching all the options can be a daunting process with costs often dominating people’s thoughts. While bespoke projects can sound more expensive and exclusive compared to off the shelf designs, it isn’t always the case. In reality bespoke fittings which are created to purposely fit your space and needs, although initially an investment, can often help you save money in the long run and can increase the value of your property.

So, what are the benefits of choosing bespoke?

1. It’s tailor-made for you
A design built to your exact specifications will ensure it’s a comfortable fit for your way of life. Whether it is the layout of a room to suit a busy family lifestyle or a beautifully created staircase to set off the interior of your home. For example, an off the shelf kitchen design is built to standard heights and depths which can often be restricting. However, by creating a bespoke design, cabinetry and worktops can be crafted around your needs by using reduced depth cabinets, taller units or non-standard shapes, particularly useful for uneven cottage walls and to make compact rooms workable.

2. It optimises space                                                                                                                                                        Handmade cabinets, walk-in wardrobe, shelving and under stairs storage units can be carefully designed to fit your space and needs, helping you to store everything neatly and efficiently, making a home more pleasant to use, too.

3. Designer expertise
Finding a carpenter who understands your family’s needs for functionality and aesthetic beauty is often underrated but experience really does make a huge difference. Here at Burlington (UK) Construction Ltd bespoke is our passion and expertise. Our carpenters take the time to discuss and listen carefully to your ideas, building a comprehensive picture of what you would like and what you practically need. They will then discuss the possibilities with you and suggest options you may not have considered and together bring the designs to live. 

Our team at Burlington (UK) Construction Ltd offer all the support and knowledge you’ll need in bringing your dream home into reality.  It’s important that you play an active part in the project, consulting with us on what your basic needs and desires are allowing us to create a lifelong design that is easy to set up, maintain and spectacular to behold ensuring your desires are fully catered for. Below are some of the unique examples of our designs where we have worked with our clients to produce outstanding results.

Our client desired an imaginative means to accessing the master en-suite via the mezzanine. Our skilled Burlington team designed and created a secret door seamlessly hidden amongst a custom-made bookcase featuring a sprung loaded Maglock system triggered by a switch hidden in the sleeve of the classic novel, Great Expectation.

The bespoke staircase for this project was built using recycled Pitch Pine, setting the tone of the home beautifully and captivating guests upon arrival. You can also see here a custom-made snug corner that has been fitted with a roll out drawer maximising the space available making the area both functional and pleasing on the eye.

Will you be interested in introducing any of these features in your home, or perhaps a garden office, a stunning loft space with walk in wardrobes or underfloor heating? All of this could be yours – and our team are in a proud position to be able to help people and families achieve their dream custom home designs.