Ways to add space and value to your home

7th August 2018

Large conversion projects, such as building extensions or excavating basements, take time and money but they yield excellent returns. For example, loft conversions can add up to 12.5 per cent to a property’s selling price according to property guru Phil Spencer. However, there are other clever ways which cost very little and can considerably enhance your property’s space and value.

Here are some ways, varying in cost, to add improvements to your property by boosting its appeal and value:

Paint your house

The cost is relatively low and although it may sound cosmetic, a lick of new paint and a new front door is a surprising effective refurbishment which can increase kerb appeal and value.

Additional Parking

You could add considerable value by converting the front garden into an off-road parking area. To pave over the space and drop the kerb (planning permission may be required) could cost between £10,000 and £20,000 however according to Phil Spencer in an area where parking is a premium you could add £50,000 to your property’s value (Christie, 2018).

Convert the garage into an office

Many garages today are no longer fit for use and have become a dead space, so tap into that potential asset and convert it into another room such as an extra bedroom or office space ensuring it is properly linked to the main living space of your property for maximum value.

Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are not cheap or always straightforward but by adding an extra bedroom and bathroom they can add considerable value to a property if carried out correctly. 

The key is ensuring access to the loft is easy and there is ample ceiling height to stand up in.

Add a conservatory

Living space is worth more per square foot than bedroom space and therefore an addition of a conservorty could add at least 5 per cent to the value of your home (Christie, 2018). The key to a successful conservatory is to avoid an eyesore by ensuring that it flows from your existing rooms, rather than simply bolting it onto the outside of your property. Design a room that seems that it was originally part of the house by at least laying the same flooring as the rest of the downstairs living space to create continuality. 

Install a new kitchen

Nowadays, the kitchen is the most important room of the home with many uses other than just preparing food such as where we entertain friends over coffee, host dinner parties and where the children do their school work. The current trend is for open-plan living, and so a new kitchen should be designed with a sense of space, combined with excellent storage producing anattractive and efficient multi-purpose area. Ensuring the kitchen reflects the price bracket of your property could add six per cent to your property’s value, according to consumer watchdog Which?.

Create an extra bathroom

Family houses require more bathrooms. Adding in an extra en-suite can add value. In addition, upgrading existing bathrooms by simply replacing old taps and inserting a glass shower screen can go a long way. Also, if space allows installing a separate shower cubical can increase appeal to your property. These simple changes can add up to 3 per cent onto your home’s value (Christie, 2018). 

Dig out a basement

Basement conversions are the most expensive of conversions costing around £300 to £500 per sq. ft. to dig out and fitbut returns can be considerable. Compare the investment cost with the property values in your area and decide if it is the right conversion for your property.

Break down walls
Open-plan living is becoming increasingly popular. Rather than having many smaller rooms, creating larger spaces within your home maximises useable space which modern day families are particularly fond of adding to the value of your home.

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