Space Saving Designs

25th November 2018

When thinking of how to save space the majority of people think of storage solutions, and that’s perfectly reasonable. However, one of the best ways to save space efficiently is the way in which doors are fitted throughout a property.

To increase the space in your home then installing sliding or pocket doors can assist you in this purpose by saving 6% of the overall floor area or 10 sq. ft per door. These types of doors are becoming an increasingly popular space saver and design feature among our clients. Both styles of doors are well known as space-saving alternative to the traditional internal doors, however, they are versatile too, suited to a variety of uses such as cupboards, wardrobes and ensuite doors – and have the extra benefit that you can then co-ordinate all of your internal doors if you wish, saving even more space. We are installing a lot of these types doors on our projects at Burlington (UK) Construction Ltd. In addition, pocket and sliding doors are very practical too. They can partition a room, creating different individual spaces or one large open space. They can ensure energy efficiency by closing off larger areas when they are not needed.

Pocket and sliding doors operate on a top hung rolling track. The pocket door slides into the wall cavity (a ‘pocket’), obscuring it from view and ensuring that space is saved as the door does not need to open out into a room.  Sliding doors operate on the same system but the mechanism is on show and part of the design feature. However, pocket doors aren’t a modern concept – the doors were particularly common in Victorian homes to close off such areas as sitting rooms or dens.

Today the popularity of pocket and sliding doors has grown considerably and there is now a wide range of contemporary pocket door designs. The choice of both glazed and solid pocket door options are broad and our team at Burlington (UK) Construction can guide you in choosing the right design for your needs. You’re able to have either single or double pocket door systems and pocket doors are available in a range of different sizes.

Many potential pocket and sliding door purchasers have concerns about installation, as the idea sounds more complex than installing a standard door, however, this isn’t an issue as Burlington (UK) Construction have a team of skilled tradesmen experienced in these space saving door installations.