Building the future with an extension

23rd Septemner 2018

In the past year house prices in Devon were 4% up on the year before and 10% up on 2015 (Rightmove, 2018) and so with house prices continuing to riseit is becoming increasingly difficult to climb that steep property ladder. Not only are spiralling house prices a concern for families who have outgrown their existing home but the cost of moving, from estate agency fees, stamp duty, arrangement costs, solicitor involvements and surveyors can play a burdening factor. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that an increasing amount of Devon property owners are choosing to stay put and extend their current homes.

Rather than placing themselves under an enormous financial pressure and the emotional strain of relocation their entire family involving school transfers, utility transfers and arranging for the physical move etc,homeowners throughout the UK are now discovering that adding extra rooms to their existing home is less of a financial pressure and eliminates those stressful moments frequently related with the buying and selling process.

By extending, you can easily create a design that appealswith the needs of you and your growing demand for more space. Furthermore, a well thought out property extension will certainly increase your homes value. Additional bedrooms and bathrooms are always desirable and a wise investment, as is a larger kitchen or second reception room. The picture above demonstrates a recent extension project undertaken by Burlington (UK) Construction Limited where our client wanted an extra bedroom and ensuite for their growing family and a utility room that housed the boiler to create more working room inside the main house. The key to this successful extension was ensuring it flowed from the existing rooms by laying the same flooring as the rest of the downstairs living space and seamless exterior cladding to create continuality. 

Considered as a wise investment an extension of any size or shape is a major project to undertake and should be handled with care and due diligence.

Differing greatly from internal home developments, building an extension comes with its own complications; following detailed building regulations to project management and producing realistic time scales could become overwhelming for homeowners. In addition to designing a practical and visually appealing space which is in keeping with your home.

At Burlington (UK) Construction our friendly team can assist you from start to finish, offering you a guide as to what is achievable with the outdoor space you have, conforming to building regulations and safety, along with an accurate insight into costs. We can bring you new ideas which could enhance you home further, allowing your extension to serve its purpose while sitting comfortably in its surroundings.